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Hey y’all, what’s up? My name is Kelsey K, otherwise known as KelseyK.MUA

About Me

Hey y’all, my name is Kelsey. I’m a full time student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where I study Business and Marketing.

I am also a very busy lady. On top of all my schoolwork, I’m also the Vice President of Professional Development for the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association-UMD.

I also have a regular part-time job, an internship, and run my own business as a makeup artist!

What This Website Will Cover

  • Biddable Media Topics and Techniques
  • Google Ads
  • Website and SEO
  • Michigan Undergraduate Digital Marketing Programs
  • Creative Blog Posts
  • Associate Wedding Vendor Digital Media
  • Artistry Gallery
  • Easy Client Booking

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