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Biddable Media Amazon Advertising

This week’s topic of Biddable Media Amazon Advertising will give you a closer look into the shopping giant.

Biddable Media Amazon Advertising by KelseyKMUA

Amazon Advertising

Amazon, the largest e-commerce empire our world has known, thus far. There isn’t much that you can’t purchase off of Amazon. Which therefore makes Amazon the perfect place for e-commerce businesses to advertise. The paid search behaviors are similar to that of a Google search. Keywords help determine the products you search for, and provide relevancy to your search query. This week’s topic of Biddable Media Amazon Advertising will give you a closer look into the shopping giant.

The hardship for advertisers and product listings, is that search results are ranked based on reviews and number of purchases. Not by class rankings.
So how can businesses succeed on Amazon with new products and become highly ranked?

Website Ads– Businesses that sell on Amazon as well as on their independent website. These Display ads can raise awareness for a product or brand, making it easier for the brand to make sales.

Sponsored Products– Similar to Google Shopping ads. Used to increase discovery of products to inspire number of purchases and gaining reviews. Are relevant to search queries and provide sellers with the opportunity for high ROI. Check out this example below for Dutch Ovens on Amazon.

Advertising on Amazon Sponsored Dutch Oven products as listed on Amazon

Sponsored Brands– Brands that pay to be seen. Doing this helps build sales through the brand. Search results are fairly broad in nature, however still somewhat relevant to search queries.

In a Sponsored brand post, typically more than one product is featured. However, the brand only pays when a consumer clicks on the post. Search behaviors are still similar to that of search queries, but showcase brand orientation and product offerings. The brand creates and customizes ads, which uses utilizes search behaviors.

Differences between Google and Amazon ads

In terms of search behavior and business planning. The greatest difference between Amazon and Google, is that Amazon does not use a Keyword Planner technology. Amazon search behaviors differ from Google search behaviors. This is because there is high intent for shopping on Amazon.

Advertising on Amazon Lodge cast iron cooking essentials as found on Amazon

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