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Biddable Media Topics and Techniques: Google Ads and Keywords Part 1

Have you ever wondered how Google somehow knows exactly what you’re looking for, when you’re making a search?

Google has taken advertising and business to a whole new level, with Google Ads. Google Ads has revolutionized how businesses advertise, and how new businesses flourish and grow. To those who have been able to master Google Ads, through SEO and keywords, (“SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”) business has been able to boom. For those who feel like they’ve fallen behind, well, it’s not too late.

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Every Google Ad starts with a business who’s willingness is to spend additional money to generate successful marketing efforts. There are two ways that this can go; the way with high ROI, and the way with low ROI. The way that your business can receive a high ROI (Return on Investment) is through proper keywords. And with proper keywords, comes a strong keyword strategy. First, let’s take a look at what keywords are.

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Keywords, in the context of SEO, are words or phrases that summarize an idea in the form of a search query. If you were able to funnel down all of your ideas, website offerings, web services, and product descriptions into 2-3 words, those would be your keywords. Keywords are usually what are mentioned most frequently on your website. Say for example that you are the owner and manager of a hair salon. Your most frequent keywords would probably something along the lines of “hair”, “hair services”, “hair color” and the like. These would be the words that naturally appear on your website, as you would naturally have them due to the relevant content that is on your website. You wouldn’t expect to see the phrase “dump truck” on a website for a fancy hair salon….that would just be plain weird…
The more relevant that your keywords are to the content of your website, the more likely that your website will appear at the top of a search page. The more likely that your website appears at the top of a search page, the more likely that your business will be able to convert search traffic into profitable sales.

One of the most important components of having biddable media topics and techniques, (in laments terms; media content that will help generate sales and media bids through online auction ad bidding) is to use the right keywords that will generate high profits after spending from digital advertising. The best way to do this is to use the Google Keyword Planner. The Google Keyword planner helps you see the search traffic that is generated through individual keywords. It also shows you the CPC (Cost-per-Click) of each keyword-should you use that keyword in a Google Ad.

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The importance of having a good keyword strategy is that you don’t want to do what that guy ^^^ is doing. Falling into a deep hole of unnecessary keywords with no hope of ever finding the last sock in the load…
In order for your business to make any type of money with your Google Ad, you need to make sure that you are choosing the most relevant keywords that are going to generate the highest ROI for your business. No one ever made any money by targeting the largest market, and praying that they make a profit.


Picture this; going into a Google Ad without a proper keyword strategy is like fishing in the dark with $10,000 worth of worms on the hook.

Stay tuned for part 2- Biddable Media Topics and Techniques: Google Ads and Keywords Part 2