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Biddable Media Topics and Techniques: Social Media Marketing

From Google Ads, to Facebook Ads

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In our next blog of biddable media topics and techniques, let’s dive into the importance of social media marketing for your business.

Social media is a very powerful tool that can help us in our everyday lives. It can help us stay connected with friends and family members across the globe. It can also help us stay up-to-date on current events, fake news, and provide entertainment and distraction from our everyday routines. (Emphasis on the distraction for me…) Our smartphones have been able to provide us with endless possibilities; phone, text, email, camera, tweet, snap, I could go on. We literally carry computers around in our pockets. Long gone are the days of getting advertisements in the mail, newspapers, or at the front door of your local grocery store.

No thank you…I don’t eat cookies…*walks out with 2 boxes of Oreos…*

Like any good marketer, you have to start with the question, Who is my customer? Every business has a target market, no business has the resources and money necessary to market to EVERYONE. Of course we want everyone to spend money on our business, no matter what industry we’re in, but we have to think about WHO is most likely to purchase our products/services.

Let’s say you’re a new and emerging independent beauty brand. Your products are quick and easy to apply, made with sustainable packaging, and are more expensive than drugstore, yet less expensive than prestige brands.

Sounds to me like your target market age should be Millennials. However you SHOULD NOT segment and target simply based on age. There are other segmentation factors, however we’ll use this as an example in terms of social media marketing.

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In case you didn’t know….I’m a Millennial. (AKA, Generation Y)

The common misconception is that Millennials are the generation currently graduating from high school. NOPE, that would be Gen Z! Millennials are currently anywhere between the ages of 24-39, are currently 29% of the population, and have no money. (Although we do enjoy the finer things in life!) Millennials are also considered the future of the buying market, and the target population for a lot of products/services. Most millennials are either enjoying life without children, or trying to find ways to get their children to behave without threatening to take the tablet away that Grandma got them for Christmas last year…

Okay so millennials are my target market, how do I speak to them?

The answer, SOCIAL MEDIA

Millennials basically invented social media. We were the generation that put MySpace on the map, and simultaneously took it away when we all migrated to Facebook for it’s more simplistic, consistent, and similar format. (Social media socialism)

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According to Search Engine Journal the most commonly used social media platforms used in the United States are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

Just scroll through any of your feeds on your social media platforms right now. I can bet you ANY amount of money that you’ll see at least one promoted post from any given brand or company within the first 60 seconds. Facebook impressions help generate an average of $27.61 per user! (Multiply that by the 1.5 billion active daily Facebook users…)

If you have a product worth buying, get your business into the view of your customers by leveraging social media advertising.

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