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Biddable Media Topics and Techniques : Using Google Shopping

Utilizing Google Shopping as a means for your biddable media topics and techniques in your business.

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Have you ever noticed how you can type an item into the “search” bar in Google, and up, pops a bar of images with that item including prices and e-commerce sites? These forms of biddable media topics and techniques helps businesses gain awareness of products without you ever having to visit their website!

Basic e-commerce businesses run their operations online. Products gain visibility by being featured in Google Shopping ads. Products can have an organic listing, (specific to the keywords typed into the search bar) or they can have a sponsored listing. According to, these sponsored listings have become a great tool for e-commerce sites to gain revenue, without slowing down their site or diminishing the consumer experience with obtrusive display ads in the margins of the web page. (Although Display ads are still important, sometimes the ad can be a little…distracting.)

Benefits of Online shopping, from

Here are some of the benefits of online shopping through Google Shopping

  • Consumers can view a product (or images of similar products) before reaching an e-commerce site
    • Consumers can compare listings based on
      • In-store availability
      • Inventory levels of the business
      • Price
      • Model numbers
      • Information and product descriptions
    • “Shopping Near Me” feature
      • Shows products based on in-store radius from consumer’s location
        • This feature has had 3x growth in the last 3 years
  • The consumer has an intent to make a purchase
    • Greater chance for ROI
      • Great chance for small businesses to make a profit and compete with larger, chain brands
  • Consumers can view small business brands and omni-channel brands on the same web page
    • Brands with an in-store and online presence
  • Businesses can reach new and different consumers every day
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BuT kElSeY, hOw dO i KnOw tHeSe pRoDuCtS aRe fOr ReAl?

Google Shopping Ads work the same way that Search and Display ads do. Ads have to be helpful and relevant to the consumer’s web search. Without relevancy, the listing does not rank highly in the ad auction. You can read more about how the Google Ad Auction works in my blog post Biddable Media: Paid Ads in Google Search.

Google for Retail has become an important resource for any e-commerce and brick-and-mortar store with an online presence. Sales can be made for every size of business. Google helps manage viewable inventory levels that are shown to online consumers. Add each individual SKU in your inventory to the Google Merchant Center. That way, it’s easy to show consumers what you have in stock before they reach your website.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Google Shopping in these Biddable Media Topics and Techniques. Make sure to read the rest of the posts in this series.
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