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Biddable Media: YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube Ads, why and how?

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Google ads does tend to change up the interface a bit for YouTube video advertising and partnering platforms. However the results of a good video campaign can bring in a huge ROI to a business who’s willing to spend the money where the eyes are.

YouTube has over 30 million visitors a day with 300 hours worth of video getting uploaded every minute! That equates to 5 billion videos a day! (Shameless plug, watch my latest YouTube video here.) There are over 1,300,000,000 YouTube users. With cable TV users switching to streaming services, there’s no wonder why brands are jumping at the idea of getting their product in front of viewers again! YouTube ads are created through Google Ads, through your Google Ad Account. Video advertising is very similar to display advertising, in terms of content, targeting, language, payment, and set-up.

Google allocates data through surveys and search information. This helps give advertisers the most accurate information to generate the highest return on investment. Ads are targeted to consumers that have interests based on their watch history, Google Search history, and other online factors on Google-based platforms. Since 85% of Google users also use YouTube, YouTube video advertising has been the future of business growth. Also, 60% of video consumption is on mobile, so having an ad suited for mobile devices is important.

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The ABCD’s of YouTube Video Ads

  • Ads should be
    • Attracting
      • Grab your customer’s attention immediately
    • Brand
      • Ensure the customer knows what brand is being advertised. The brand or product should be introduced within 5 seconds
    • Connect
      • Make the customer feel like your product was made for them. Connect with them on levels of
        • Emotion
        • Life Circumstances
        • Demographics/Psychographics etc.
    • Direct
      • Give your customer a clear Call-To-Action
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TrueView Video Ads

There are different types of video ads that you will see on YouTube, which include;

  • Video Discovery
    • Video ads promoted only on YouTube that are displayed only when the user searches for relevant content that the ad might display
  • Outstream
    • Ads optimized solely for mobile and tablet users. “Sound-off” will read a subtitle of text from the ad, and the user will have to click on the ad to hear the content
      • Only displayed on 3rd party websites, NOT YouTube
  • Instream
    • Ads that appear before, during, or after a video on YouTube, or on other games or apps
      • Skippable Instream Ads
        • Ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds and can be any length up to 1 GB
      • Non-Skippable Instream Ads
        • Ads that are up to 15 seconds in length and cannot be skipped
          • Google Ad Account setting will only allow for “Brand Awareness and Reach”
        • Bumper Instream Ads
          • Not skippable, ads that are up to 6 seconds in length
            • Google Ad Account setting will only allow for “Brand Awareness and Reach”
  • Masthead
    • For brand new emerging products or services
      • Will only play on desktop views
screenshot of YouTube video advertising, displaying YouTube channel page with video playing
Photo: DisruptiveAdvertising

The above photo is an example of a skippable instream ad. You will also notice that in the upper-right corner, you see the advertiser’s link and logo. This additional “display ad” comes at no additional cost to the advertiser. This is the advertiser’s use for call to action.

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