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June 11, 2016

I know a lot of people say that their wedding day is the happiest day of their life. (Which it should be!) However for me, it was probably the most stressful. (Still happy, don’t get me wrong!)

Waking up at 7 am after not being able to sleep the night before, trying to hold down my scrambled eggs, and *attempting* to not overdo it with the mimosas. It was a pretty hectic morning. I didn’t really start to feel happy and excited until it was time for hair and makeup. My glam team arrived on time, and immediately got to work. Feeling as though you’re being pampered to look your very best, (on your most photographed day of your life) was definitely my stress-relief on my wedding day!

(Not to mention that the weather wasn’t going to cooperate that day…)

So after all the glitz and glam of wedding day wore off, I decided to do the best thing I could think of with my time! Watch YouTube tutorials!!!

Yes, I started becoming obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on the internet. I then started posting my re-created looks on Instagram. As more and more people became interested in my work, I realized that I had a market to fulfill. Years later, I became known as KelseyK.MUA.

I love getting the chance to help someone feel beautiful. Whether my client is going for a natural look, or dramatic and smokey, I’m there to put a smile on their face before and after the transformation!

If you’re thinking about booking a makeup vendor for your wedding day, please consider KelseyKMUA to help make your day even more beautiful than you already are! Click here to book your appointment

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