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Offsite SEO- AKA, Off-Page SEO

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Offsite SEO refers to all of the strategies that happen off of your website, that help you gain organic search traffic. This organic search traffic occurs when all of the elements of your SEO strategy, help your rankings become higher in a Google Search. Here are a few things that impact your Offsite SEO;

  • Backlinks
    • Natural Links-Content creator creates a link to another website
    • Manually Built Links-Content creator has their content shared by others
    • Self-Built Links-Links that are sometimes hidden optimized anchor text (This one isn’t hidden) Hidden anchor text links are frowned upon, so be careful
      • Self-Built Links also must be relevant to the content being linked, in order for search engine bots to consider the website relevant. (And therefore increase organic search traffic and rankings.)

These offsite ranking factors can contribute to the perception of a website’s popularity. The more popular, the higher the ranking. Your website can get additional popularity by utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Gosh I thought we were done with high school….

Yep, in the world of SEO, popularity matters. Popularity can be measured by a number of things including the site’s relevance, the authority, and trustworthiness. For example, this website is considered less popular, less relevant, less authoritative, and less trustworthy than digital giant

the importance of SEO interpreted by MOZ

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m feeding you a bunch of mumbo jumbo. This is simply because certain websites have built a certain level of those above relevant factors. The popularity, relevance, authority, and trustworthiness of Moz has been built up over YEARS. The length of time that a website has even existed can contribute to their SEO rankings.

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