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The Importance of Michigan Undergraduate Digital Marketing Programs

The importance of Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

The next time you’re out in public, look around at the people around you.

Everywhere you look. People of all ages-what are they doing? More than likely, they’re looking or scrolling through their smartphone. On average, we look at our phones about 52 times a day. To some people, that may seem like a pretty shockingly high number. To others, it’s a very sobering statistic that brings light to how addicted we are to our phones.

In the link above, ^^^ the author Jamie Beningfield states that “…research has also shown that 18 to 34-year-olds were amongst those most likely to admit their addiction, with 60% saying they used their phone too much. Meanwhile, 63% of the respondents reported trying to limit their usage, with only about half managing to cut back.”

Girl on phone at coffee shop reading about Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs

Now, I’m not trying to scare you into locking your phone up for all of eternity. What I am here to share with you is the opportunity that businesses have in today’s world-to market to the largest, most impressionable generation since the Baby Boomers…


I, myself am a millennial. I was born in the year 1992, when All That, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch were all I needed in life. But enough about me, I’m talking about YOU! Yes, you. The one who’s reading my silly rambles. Most people my age have grown up with the internet, yet we still remember a time when using the computer meant you needed to type up a book report. Nothing more.

We’ve also grown up in the world of technological advancements that shocked the entire world. Remember when the first iPod launched? EvErYoNe basically pooped their pants.

With an entire generation of people literally glued to their smartphones, the idea that businesses have not yet transitioned to a digital market to be able to connect with their audience-literally baffles me. Just think-when you’re looking for a place to go out for dinner, and you want to try something new, where do you start? You can either go with a friends’ recommendation, or you can start with a Google search.

Most people start with the latter.

Laptop on picnic table next to smartphone with Google open

Having a strong presence on the internet is very important in today’s market.
Having a business Facebook page simply isn’t enough for consumers to trust in your business.
Having just coffee for breakfast isn’t enough to help you power through your workday.

If you’re a business owner, this should be your mantra.

Growing and developing a business in the year 2020 takes more than just the 4 P’s of Marketing. You could have an AMAZING product, for a killer price, in a storefront with the best location, and mind-blowing promotions, and STILL struggle to make money. Why? Because people have to know about you, in order to buy from you.

Social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have taken connecting with the customer to a whole new level. I’m not just talking about how you search for ice cream on the web, and then you log on to Facebook to see a Cold Stone Creamery ad right there in your feed. I’m talking about brands that emerged from the ashes of selfies and self indulgence. Brands like Gymshark, and _____.

Apps in the home screen on a smart device

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “Well how am I supposed to run my small business, do all the accounting, selling, marketing, digital marketing, AND SEO???” The answer is, to have a dedicated person(s) on your team to help your business run smoothly. As your business expands, you’ll need the additional brains and hands to help you have a successful business. Notice how I said TEAM. Unless you’re a one [wo]man show, it’s going to take a lot more horsepower to get your business running like a mustang!

Vroom, vroom….

Niel Patel, co-founder and CEO of NP Digital has a stunning process, on how to build up your business strictly from Instagram. He goes into depth about how to start off your business even though you might not have any followers on your account. You can read the article here.

Thank you for reading, now go out there, and kick some digital booty!

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